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Dear Leslie,

Although I have thanked you numerous times in person and by e-mail, I felt impelled out of gratitude to write you a formal thank you note to thank you for the Color and Makeup Consultations that I had with you in June, not to mention the shopping trip.

            It is clearly evident that you are highly trained, competent, and confident in what you do. You have a keen color eye and knowledge of the subject. It is obvious that you love what you do.

            All of these things are very important, but even more importantly, you are such a compassionate, caring, patient person. Your understanding helped me release my old color training to embrace new ideas, stretch and grow.

            I have thoroughly enjoyed shopping with my new Color 1 colors in the past few weeks, and I look forward to continuing the treasure hunt as I build my new wardrobe. The compliments are already flowing in.

            Thank you again to a very talented lady whose giving attitude lifted me beyond feeling old and dowdy.

                                                            With fondness and best wishes,

                                                             Sallie Wolfe


"Your color system has really been an exciting eye opener for me. I truly notice when I am wearing the right color or not. I can tell by the reactions of other people. I run three companies and am very thankful for the information you have so kindly shared with me. Now I am very careful to wear the proper color when going to a high powered business meeting."

Patti Miner   

Former Mrs. Utah America, VP of Mountain Falls Movie Production Company, Co-Owner & Agency Director of Lasting Impressions Model and Talent Agency, and co-owner of the RCM Record Label.


"I wanted to let you know that you are a God send! I was meant to find you as I go through this body transformation.

I'm excited for the future together - I'll be there for all your classes and am anxious to pick your brain and learn my own style.

I had such fun. I've been shopping and that was fun. Yesterday I wore a blouse in my eye color and heard at least 10 times "that's your color."'

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!"

Susan Matney



 "I have been a client of Leslie Stott's for several years. I was introduced to her and the products she sells by a good friend. Leslie has been a blessing to me. I disliked going to the store to buy makeup, getting home and finding the color did not look good on me. When I did find something I liked the company discontinued the item or that particular shade. Leslie has a special talent when it comes to color, finding what colors enhance each individuals own complexion. She has also had a lot of training in the skin and cosmetic area.

I had clothes in my closet that I never wore because they weren't the right color for me. My teenage daughter and I were color charted by Leslie a few years ago. It has given both of us more confidence in our makeup and the colors we wear in our clothing. The wallet-sized samples of colors are wonderful to use when we are shopping. I have loved both of her products: Color 1 and Chambre'.

Leslie has been exceptional to work with. I have confidence in the comments and suggestions she has given me about my makeup and ideas that will help to enhance my appearance. She has a warm and friendly personality and makes anyone feel at ease in her presence. If you choose to do business with Leslie, you will come to think as I do that it is one of the best decisions you have ever made. Leslie is great.

Brenda B. Gillie












Leslie Stott
Color 1 Associates, CEO
















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